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Basic Pool Inspection

Pool Skimmer Cutaway
The Basic Pool Inspection is a visual examination of the following;

  • Pool and Spa placement and protection. 
Fences, gates, safety barriers, clearance of electrical wires and location of electrical outlets.

  • Pool and Spa vessel and coping
    Examination of Pool and Spa, surface and surrounding deck and coping for discoloration, pitting, and cracking.

  • Pool and Spa Equipment
    Examines pool lights, subpanel and junction box for location and condition, pumps, visible piping, timers, skimmers, and GFCI and electrical bonding.

  • Pool and Spa Equipment Operation
    Examines operation of pump, inspects for leakage, proper skimming and filtration, heater activation, filter pressure and operation of spa blower.

Advanced Pool Inspection

The Advanced Pool Inspection Includes the following;

  • Basic Inspection.
  • Confirms a pool's leak status before investing time in extensive leak location procedures.
  • Confirms leaks have been fixed at the completion of repair thus avoiding expensive "call-backs."
  • Compare pump-on to pump-off water loss while at the pool to better direct leak location activities.

A Leak Detection device is placed in the pool, determining if rapid water loss is present. Measuring water level changes to the 10,000th of an inch, enabling leaks to be identified in as little as 10 minutes. This inspection is so sensitive that water loss of less than a gallon from a 20ft. x 40ft. pool is readily indicated. 

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