Wind Mitigation Inspection

If you are buying a new house in an area which is prone to strong winds and hurricanes, it is in your best interest to get a wind mitigation inspection done. Sometimes even your home inspector would strongly recommend the same.

What Is A Wind Mitigation Inspection?

Also known as Windstorm Mitigation Inspection, it is determining the ability or lack thereof of a house in withstanding heavy winds. It is usually carried out by a licensed building inspector, home inspector, general contractor, engineer or architect.

Need For Wind Mitigation Inspection

During the hurricane season, strong winds are accompanied by heavy rain. Together the combination can cause heavy damage to your home. Not only can it lead to water entering the house through gaps, cracks, and poorly sealed doors and windows, but in extreme cases, it may even blow away your roof. Wind mitigation inspection will tell you what is already in place to contain damage to your home in case of strong winds. Further, it will tell you what more you can do to make it even better and sturdier.

How Long Does This Inspection Take?

This inspection can take up to half an hour. If you want things to move faster, keep the attic open and all documents concerning the house, especially doors, windows, roof, and shutters handy.

Cost Of Wind Mitigation Inspection

From state to state, the cost of wind mitigation inspection may vary. Safely speaking, it would cost the buyer anywhere between $75 to $125. No matter how significant this amount looks, it will reduce your insurance premium year after year. Look at the long-term benefit of this one-time cost.

Validity Of Wind Mitigation Inspection

If you have made no material changes to the structure of the home, your wind mitigation inspection will remain valid up to five years from the inspection date. If during this time there is a hurricane or any similar situation where you suspect damage to your home, get a fresh inspection done. It will help you in the faster settlement of insurance claim arising thereof.  

Checklist Of Inspection

Here is a small checklist of things a wind mitigation inspector will examine – 

  • Basic home structure and the materials used therein.
  • The shape of the roof, materials used, their condition, and connections.
  • The state of the windows, garage door, and skylights, materials used therein and their condition. 
  • Quality of the storm shutters and panels installed on the property.
  • Interior of the attic. 

How To Prove You Have Wind Mitigation Inspection Done

When a qualified inspector does the wind mitigation inspection for your home, he or she will provide you with a certificate for the same. In addition to the certificate, you will also get a report stating their findings and recommendations. Presenting these documents to the insurance company is sufficient proof.

In The End

Remember, a wind mitigation inspection can easily save you up to $1000 in insurance premium. Hence, it is for your own financial benefit more so, if you live in the coastal areas which have a hurricane season. Within a safe and secure home, you can breathe easy.