Home Inspection For Buyers

If one could go on looks alone, purchasing a house would be an easy decision. It is because what you see is what you would get. But alas! Buying a house is not that simple. You can look at what is in front of your eyes, but what about that which is not visible? You cannot see the foundation or the plumbing. Neither can you have a peep at the wiring and faults in the appliances. This is why getting a home inspection for buyers is imperative.

Home Inspection  

A home inspection is a non-invasive assessment of the home. It involves the buyer hiring a professional to inspect the home under consideration. He then prepares a report that summarizes the home’s status according to the present condition of things, those that require immediate attention and those that will demand maintenance once you move in.

Difference Between Home Inspector And Real Estate Appraiser

A home inspector is a trained and certified professional who assesses the condition of the structure while a real estate appraiser estimates the value of the said property. So, do not confuse between the two.

Things Covered Under Home Inspection

Broadly, a home inspection can be covered under two categories. These are physical property inspection and document inspection.

  • Physical Property Inspection – This is an important aspect of home inspection and includes – 
    • General check up on electricals, and plumbing.
    • Condition of the pieces of equipment that come with the house.
    • Assessment of any damage to walls and woodwork.
    • Examining the home for mold and pest infestation.
  • Document Inspection – This deals more with filed papers. It includes – 
    • Checking the area of the house.
    • Verifying the remodeling permits.
    • Cross-examining the lot size.

What Basic Home Inspection Does Not Cover

A home inspector cannot do all the checks. Some inspections can only be carried out by experts in that particular field. A regular home inspection will not cover –

  • Interior of the walls.
  • Repairs to the chimney and roof.
  • Condition of the septic tanks.
  • Additional structures that are separate from the main house.

Inspection Is Buyers Responsibility

An important aspect that often gets overlooked is that home inspection is the buyer’s responsibility and not that of the seller or the real estate agent. While budgeting for a new home, keep in mind the cost of its inspection as well. Finding later, once the ink has dried, that your dream house was actually a Pandora’s box would hit your finances hard. When buying a new house, get a certified home inspector to assess it for you. Ideally, this should happen before you reach the settlement table for signing the purchase agreement.  

How To Find A Home Inspector

Ideally, your real estate agent would have a list of reliable and qualified home inspectors. You can also ask your friends and family for recommendations. No matter how you find your home inspector, always check their credentials. 

In The End

Home inspections are a necessary evil. Every person looking to buy a new home must embrace them. Be present on the day of the actual inspection to know that a thorough job was done. Your home is a big financial investment. It requires all the valuable help you can get to make a good decision.

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